Blepharoplasty is a type of cosmetic surgery performed on the eyelid. During the procedure, extra fat, skin, or muscle surrounding the eyes is removed. The surgery can be performed on both the upper and lower lids, and each lid can be worked on separately or at the same time. The result of the procedure is a more youthful look.

Aging affects the elasticity around the eyes. As the skin around your eyes becomes less tight, you may notice creases under your lower eyelids, and sagging skin may appear on your upper lids. The muscles surrounding your eyes may become limp. This causes the fat around your eyes to protrude and creates a baggy appearance. Cosmetic eyelid surgery brings life back into your eyes by removing the loose skin or fat.

Getting advice

When determining the need for cosmetic surgery, it is essential to take time to discuss all your options with your doctor. A physician may be able to assist you in choosing the best surgeon to address your specific needs.

Before taking the final step in receiving cosmetic eyelid surgery, inform your surgeon about your goals and what you hope to change about your appearance. The surgeon will be able to give you realistic expectations regarding the outcome. Blepharoplasty doesn’t involve removing dark shadows or crow’s feet around the eyes, so it is important to fully discuss your needs.

Complications can arise if you have preexisting issues like dry eyes, glaucoma, or a detached retina. A specialist can determine if you are at too high of a risk for the surgery.

What are the risks?

In general, cosmetic eyelid surgery is safe. It is a common procedure with little risk. Before opting for the surgery, you should ask your doctor about any potential complications or side effects that may occur.

Are There Any Potential Side effects?

Side effects from the surgery are typically temporary and can include:

– slight pain, bruising, or swelling around the eyes which will generally improve after four or five days
– dry or itchy eyes which improve after a few weeks
– blurry vision which clears within a few days
– sensitivity to wind or light which disappears after a few weeks
– watery eyes that last several weeks
– discoloring on the eyelids that clears after a few weeks to several months
– scar formation that will fade after several months

On occasion, whiteheads may form on the stitch line. These can be removed by the surgeon with a small needle.

Are There Any Potential Complications?

Complications may arise during the surgery or after it is complete. Most complications are rare, and can include:

– damage to the muscles surrounding the eye, or damage to eyeball surface
– haematoma, or bleeding under the skin, which may require a second operation to drain the area and stop the bleeding – the bleeding may stop on its own after several weeks
– in rare cases, bleeding behind the eye that presses on the optic nerve and causes partial or full blindness – severe pain may be a sign of bleeding and should be checked right away
– swelling that causes the lower eyelid to protrude – this may require another operation, but often disappears after a couple days
– tightness around the eyelids preventing you from closing your eyes properly – the skin generally loosens with time
– an uneven result, making your eyes look dissimilar – a second operation may be needed to correct the differences

While complications from cosmetic eyelid surgery are uncommon, you may be at a higher risk if you fall under certain categories. If you have a thyroid problem, a history of heart disease, or problems with high blood pressure, you may be in a high risk category. Be sure to discuss these issues with your surgeon prior to the surgery. The potential for complications vary from person to person, so the statistics are vague. You can ask your doctor how each risk may affect your results.

What are the alternatives to cosmetic eyelid surgery?

Eye wrinkles can be diminished with laser treatment, a brow lift, or a chemical peel.

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