According to the latest celebrity gossip, the answer is a resounding YES.

Today, Scottish beauty company Eye Secrets unveiled their latest innovation: The Collagen and Q-10 Eye Patch which it claims can literally take years off your face by tackling eye bags, dark circles around the eyes and fine wrinkles.

Don’t believe the hype? Studies show that applying the eye secrets patches for just 15 minutes, showed a reduction in fine lines, puffiness and dark circles around the eye area by as much as 92%!

And celebrities including Jennifer Aniston (42) and Michelle Collins (45) swear by it’s efficacy in helping them stay young without needing to resort to Botox or painful cosmetic surgery.

At a time where many consumers are tightening their belts, this new innovative at home treatment is ideal and costs a fraction of what Botox, or cosmetics surgery would cost. Plus, it provides a natural look which won’t make you stand out like some other celebrities you see on TV!

Check out our in depth review of the Eye Secrets Patches here.

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